Welcome to Caplet

Inception of Caplet was an amalgamation of a dream and a fixed belief.

A company on a mission

To make therapies affordable for everyone.

As you grow, we grow too

Organization develops people, and people in turn develop organisation.

Caplet Welcomes You.

Caplet Ensures Better Medicine for Many More…

It has been a glorious and self-satisfying endeavour for us in our long journey of over 30 years of providing pharmaceutical solutions to the masses and the medical fraternity through our wide range of products to ensure better medicine for many more! For this to continue, we need your continued support to make our dream a reality.

Caplet: A company on a mission to make therapies affordable for everyone. Founded in Kolkata, the company has now expanded to the entire North East, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chattishgarh – truly an East India company – the pride of East India.”

Caplet offers a wide portfolio of products for major specialties such as cardiovascular, gastroenterology, respiratory, gynaecology, paediatrics, etc. In its 35 years of existence, Caplet has received awards such as: ISO -9001:2015 certification, G.M.P. certification & Schedule- M certification. In October 2006, Caplet was also awarded the Geneva Gold Standard for the quality of its medicines.

Be sure to support Caplet.

Since its founding, Caplet has aimed to create therapies that must be accessible to everyone, despite the exorbitant costs of production. As a result, Caplet believes in “Medicine for Mass.” Our goal is to “provide healthier lives and enjoyment to everyone by providing affordable solutions.”

So, we can announce boldly that, our Caplet is a role model of Care, Attitude, Performance, Leadership, Enthusiasm & Teamwork.

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